In white wine

There are people who don't believe me when I say that I always find something good in everyone. They tell me that since I'm cute then I'm treated nice, and more by guys obviously. That by being like this I can see anything positive even in the bastards who fleeced those bank's clients, or in those wretched politicians who only sign laws at their own convenience. You know, the things said in your typical bar-and-beers country-saving chat.

I just let it go, I know they don't understand me. But of course, it wouldn't be proper to detail them what's that that I find good. My poor fellows would choke. Ah if they knew that I've tasted true pig's snout, or that the best thing I found from a certain missing councilwoman was right under her ribs!

It turned out fine in garlic, now that I remember.

That's why I say what I say but, as you may understand, it's not something I can shout about anywhere, right? And tell me, has you ever tasted liver? I have, I do it in white wine with a bit of olive oil and aromatic herbs. I see you've fattened yours nicely... at the taxpayers expense, hey rascal?

Oh c'mon, don't put that face. It'll turn out great!
I don't remember what was the particular inspiration to make this story. Thinking about it, the idea probably dawned on me from the fact that I was writing it for a restaurant-sponsored local contest, that and that corruption cases were spreading back then (and nowadays still) in Spain.

After seasoning those notions with a bit of killer instinct, I turned out this brief story with a light scent of slasher film. Curiously, this story got me a special prize in which they invited me to dinner in that restaurant...